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Super Stack Poker Tournaments:

Stack tournaments are another popular variation for Texas Hold’em Poker. Its main difference lies in the amount of chips a player receives to start. Players are issued much more playing chips for the entry fee.

To understand the difference think of an average multi-table tournament - it begins with players being issued around two thousand playing chips. In a Super Stack tournament, players receive up to four times that amount – hence the words ‘Super Stack’. 

These standards make Super Stack tournaments completely different and a lot more exciting. Here you won’t find any re-buys or add-ons but be prepared for a long night.

These types of tournaments generally take a lot longer, unless of course you are surrounded by aggressive players – then it might end a little early. 

Should you participate?

The players taking part in Super Stack tournaments do it knowing they won’t be expelled early on in the game. They have the confidence and know how to keep in the action as long as possible. The blinds in Super Stack tournaments start out nice and low averaging at around 10/20 chips. These low blinds are nothing to be afraid of and usually attract many different types of players. 

However, keep in mind that some players can have a stack of around 8000 chips and they know full well they can easily handle blinds that reach about 200/350. 

Overall we have to say the Super Stack tournament fits well with a tight player. However, this doesn’t mean you won’t find the aggressive players sitting around the tables just waiting for you. The tournament ends with the player who has the most chips – no matter how long it takes.

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