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Depending on your location, we highly recommend you research specific legalities before deciding to play online. Every Country has a different approach to online gaming as well as different ways of play. The differences simply depend on the type of games you are playing.

For example: The Roulette table in the UK is slightly different from the table in the US.

As for the legal issues, there are many to read through before play. We know its nothing but a hassle to read all disclaimers but when it comes to gambling, its best to suck it up, grab a drink and have a look see. One of the biggest reasons is the UKs standards on gambling differ greatly from that of the US.

To put it mildly, the US is a mess of casino red tape. Each state is different, with few still trying to figure out online casino gambling. As it stands now, Nevada, Louisiana, Michigan and Illinois currently outlaw online gambling. There are also other states currently trying to push legislation to do the same.

Although the UK standards are a little more liberal when it comes to online casinos, they to face many problems when it comes to legislation. European casinos are becoming more popular to the west, simply for the more liberal approach.

Over all, as stated above we encourage you to read through all legalities and disclaimers before beginning to play in any online casino.


'We know we are stating most of the obvious here, but if we didn't remind you, its possible we might lose some sleep over it.' Here are some tips for staying safe so you can truly enjoy online casinos.

1. Never drink while you gamble. We all know alcohol can make you lose your inhibitions, drinking and gambling is a horrible mix.

2. Set a limit. Make sure you have an amount of money you can afford to lose. If you are risking the money that you are saving for your holiday, or you go to bed worrying and stressing about the money you have lost, then you should not be considering playing.

3. You have to remember you will NOT WIN every time. Gambling is a game of chance and odds, meant for fun.

4. Play games your unfamiliar with for FREE first. Develop your skills first before betting real money. You stand to lose nothing by trying it for free first.

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