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Slot machines are very versatile within in house as well as online casinos. Slots come in many flavours and payouts can depend on the maximum amount of bets you make.

For example, playing one coin can result in a major loss if triples come up on a mandatory maximum bet. Imagine finally landing the Blazing 7evens, and realize you have not won the jackpot because you wagered only one coin OUCH!

Basically slot machines sometimes leaves the odds up to you. With our top reviews of online casinos, rest assured we list the best in online community. This also includes the best payout percentages of slots.

Generally when it comes to the slots, you can expect up to a 96.4% payout. The percentages vary on a scale of certain wages.

Best Slots Examples:

5 cent slots average 92.5% payout
25 cent slots average 94.1% payout
1 dollar slots average 95.9% payout
5 dollar slots average 98.4% payout

Its obvious the higher you roll on the slots, the more chances you have of winning on maximum bets.

With plenty of online casino slots to choose from, the progressive jackpots just keep getting bigger. Always remember to check here for all your casino needs.

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